officers & MEMBERS


Roth T. Mason, Chairman of the Board
Jonathan K. Harris, President
Trevent Hayes, Vice President
Gayle Shumake Graham, Executive Secretary/Treasurer
Mahlon Thomas, Sergeant At Arms
Marry Pettus-Rowland, Chaplain
Pearl Claybrooks, Historian

KAM Past Presidents

Andrea Percell
Gayle Shumake-Graham
Rhonda Hurley-Wharton
Nathaniel Anderson
Samuel Anderson
Danny Percell
Dwight Hughes
Larry Austin
Jasper Crenshaw

Mary Pettus-Rowland
William Mason
Walter Taylor
Willie Mae Elliott
William W. Beckett
Lloyd J. Baker
Charles Cunningham
John Grevious
Amelia Jones

William H. Johnson
W.F. Kennedy
John D. Haynes
James Nathan Wilson
Sam Adams, Sr.
David Ross
Edward Babbage
Ernest Mason
Cynthia B. Baker
Roth T. Mason

2023 KAMS Members

Adams, Darvin
Adams, Delvin
Adams, Sharon
Adams, Sam, III.
Addison, Ronald
Austin, Larry

Baity, Adam
Baker, Cynthia
Bowles, Peter
Bowles, Virgle
Brooks, James
Brooks, Kyle
Brooks, Henry
Brown, Precious

Chandler, Carolyn
Clark, Keith
Claybrooks, Pearl
Cofer, Margaret
Cowherd, Omer
Crenshaw, Cynthia
Crenshaw, Jasper

Dickerson, Desmond
Dickerson, Donovan
Drake, Edmond
Duncan, Maury Booker

Emanuel. Beverly
Evans, Michael

Fender, James
French, Regina

Gaither, Frank
Gardner, Jeff, National Member
Graham, Greg, National Member

Hale, Mary
Harris, Jonathan, National Member
Harris, Stephon
Hayes, Trevent
Henderson, John
Hughes-Prentice, Susan
Hurly-Wharton, Rhonda

Jones, Marie
Jordan, Lenorah

Mason, Judy
Mason, Roth, National Member
Mason, Gwendolyn (Louisville)
Mason, Gwendolyn (Madisonville)
McFarland, Dwight
McFarland, Betty
McFarland, Alison
Mitchell, Lafayette
Moss-Strong, Renita

Nukes, Troy

Percell, Andrea
Percell, Sr., Danny L., National Member
Perryman-Smith, Theresia
Pettus Rowland, MAry, National Member
Ray, Marcus

Shumake-Graham, Gayle-National Member
Smith, Catina

Taylor, John
Thomas, Marie
Thomas, Mahlon
Thornton, John

Washburn, Christopher, National Member
Wells, Stephanie
Williams, Isaac
Williams, Paul
Winstead, Eric

The Kentucky Association of Morticians Inc. has had the pleasure of seeing three of our own hold the office of President of the National Association. They were G.W. Saffell, Shelbyville, KY; John W. Delaney, Covington, KY and Danny Percell, Elizabethtown, KY.

A Legacy of Leadership

The Kentucky Association of Morticians, Inc. was formed and organized in a day when African American people were looked upon as second class citizens. In spite of that those men and women stood together proving then that “In Union There Is Strength”.

We Not Only Survived, We Continued to Thrive

Our Association has survived. There have been obstacles but we withstood them; Trials, we overcome them: And sometimes even setbacks but we outlasted them.

The Legacy Continues

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Get In Touch


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